Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Thought I Had Seen It All

After three decades riding the CTA (many of those years during very odd hours) I thought I had seen it all.

But the strangest was yet to come...

Check out the naked dudes between cars on the Red Line that I saw on my way to work yesterday!  They stood between cars, shirtless, wearing only shorts, singing merrily (and shivering) the entire trip downtown.

I took this photo when I got off the train at Lake Street at 4:30AM.  They were surprised to see me take this photo--like what they were doing was completely normal.

I love this town.

Ah fun...nothing like naked guys (or almost naked guys) to make the day...interesting?
I hope that I get to see some crazy stuff like that in a few weeks!!!! Chicago - town of many a crazy thing. ;)

I am thinking that we should toe the lines of our respective halfs. We SO can do this... and I think that we both have gone into a race less prepared than we are now... and survived!

Wanna take the plunge with me? We can discuss over dinner on 8/10.

Oh - and I am upset that soon there will be a day without this blog!

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