Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Pugs don't fetch

Pugs don't fetch.

They don't swim or track fugitives or do anything particularly useful.

Pugs like to sit on the sofa, preferably on your lap.

Holly Venus is our first pug with the ability to jump up on the sofa.

Sunday, March 13, 2005


Meet Holly Venus

Meet Holly Venus, the newest member of our family. We adopted Holly two weeks ago from Midwest Pug Rescue and already we can't imagine life without her. Simply put, she is the world's tamest, most affectionate dog! You have to see her to believe it.

Two people in an apartment with three dogs may sound like a bit much to some. But those of you with pugs in your life will surely understand.

Holly's interests are: snuggling under the blanket, snuggling on your lap, eating, and sitting around on the futon. (She is the only pug we have limber enough to jump on the furniture, even with only three fully-functional legs.)

A few days ago we had a scare with Holly when suddenly she had a lot of difficulty breathing. A visit to the doggy emergency room, consultation the next day with a respiratory specialist, three different prescription medications, and lots of research all led to the diagnosis of a collapsed trachea. It's a common problem with some small dogs, where their windpipes twist and narrow. Cough suppressents and TLC have made the problem manageable, but in the long run we wont exactly be able to take Holly on any long runs on the beach.

Even as I write this post Holly is on the couch next to me and Justyna, under the blanket, snoring softly.

Friday, March 04, 2005



You will never find a room full of happier people than the third shift production crew where I work at 7:45AM on a Friday morning. Everyone is smiling and laughing. Soon we get to go home and not think about this place until midnight Sunday.

I'm going to go now and treat myself to some 7-11 taquitos (Buffalo Chicken) and then fall into a blissful sleep on the train.

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