Thursday, July 12, 2007


DNS, Oh my tendon

My ankle, never fully recovered since GMR, is still acting up and for the past few days I've experienced problems with the tendons connected to my hamstrings.  Given the risk of further injury later in the training season, I've decided to hedge my bets and lay off running for a few days.

Unfortunately, that means I was DNS for tonight's Niketown Bastille Day 5K -- a race I had been waiting for since last year when I was also DNS (that time because Justyna forgot her shoes and borrowed mine).

It also means I wont get to run Lake Monona this weekend with Shea

But that's probably OK, since I'll likely be in no shape due to the big Wisconsin Beer Roadtrip.  Details on my coming adventures driving a dozen of my friends to the cheese state for all kinds of mayhem will be posted here after the weekend.

Tomorrow I have the day off, and I head off on my big van adventure on Saturday morning.

Lord have mercy on us all.

Have fun on the beer run! Sorry to hear about your injuries.
Desolee to read about your tendon, that does not sound pleasant. Sorry you missed the Bastille Day run because you aren't feeling great:-(

At least there is beer in your future to help you heal...???

Feel better & have fun.
Hope your ankle gets better.
Have a great Beer tour, looking forward to the report.
Ah, beer should help with the tendon, it's a magical concotion!

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