Saturday, June 30, 2007


11 Miles Tough to Swallow

This past week my ankle has finally been well enough to complete more of my mid-week runs, and the extra effort paid off:

Today was the easiest long run I've had so far this year.


Long Run

6/30 long run (2007)

Cool Down

I actually considered running an extra 2 miles but decided not to risk it.

Almost everything was perfect.  The pace felt comfortable, and no one in my sub-group of six had any issues at all today.  The path was crowded with other running groups, but this was actually a good thing because everyone was friendly and happy to be outside.  I even bumped in to Jayhawk in the middle of her solo 12 miler.

The only thing that went wrong was some poor fueling decisions.  Here's what happened:

Last night I had pad thai for dinner.  

Unfortunately, I had too much and went to bed full.

I woke up at 5AM in the morning still full from the night before, so I didn't eat breakfast.

All I had was half a red bean bun before heading out for my warmup.

My only fuel was shot blocks, which I ate while running.

This caused acid reflux.

Now my throat feels like it's been scraped with sandpaper.  I had to skip lunch today because it hurts to swallow.

Next time I'll make sure I have breakfast first.

But otherwise, it was a good run today.

Next weekend: 14 miles -- an important distance for me, since that's the one that knocked me out of commission last year.

See you out on the running path, everybody!

UPDATE: My roughened throat from Saturday left me vulnerable to a nasty cold, so I'm likely off the running for another couple of days.  I will never again skip a meal before a long run.

Bummer to hear you're not feeling well! Hope you get better soon so you can tackle those long runs!
I am SO GLAD that you learned your hard lesson. Welcome to yummy world of Pre-run PB&J sandwiches! Secret fuel for this speedy Firefly :D
Hmm...that breakfast looks way too filling for me for a long run. I have to know though, how did you get the stuff from the running log for garmin into your blog???
I'm so damned jealous of that beautiful lakefront path you have. Grrrr...I guess I need to move to the Windy City.

Hope your throat feels better soon.
I love the visuals! Nice job on the run
My cure-all: Unfiltered, Unpasteurized Apple Cider Vinegar (with the "Mother" - found at better health food stores) -- that'll help the Acid Reflux, the cold and your ingrown toenails, too. Seriously, it works.
The pictures relaly helped add to the description: I love good visual aids! Hope you're feeling better now.

Mmmmm, pad thai...might go get me some of THAT today!
very impressive. did you do the 14 this weekend?
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