Monday, March 19, 2007


Uptown 60640

Meet Uptown's newest resident, Denise!

It was a long, exciting weekend.  We got back to Chicago on Saturday night and spent most of Sunday unpacking the truck and getting organized.

Now Denise is an official Chicagoan and I once again have a live-in girlfriend.

To celebrate this momentous occasion I picked up... the flu!  Bleh!  Going to have to call in sick tomorrow, even though it's my last week on the job.  But what can I do?

So the Shamrock this weekend is going to be a bit more of a challenge than expected.  Not only have I been particularly bad at training this winter, now it looks like I get to run this thing with a cough.

If I break my PR this year, I'm going to celebrate with an extra shot of Airborne.

YAY! Congrats to you and Denise on getting her all moved in. Sorry to hear about the flu! Hope you're feeling better soon!
Baby, I am going to make sure you feel better...and quick. You have a race to run and there's no time that can be wasted.

Thank you for the warm welcome!
Oh, man, feel better!
Get well soon. Is airborne used to prevent colds?? Wow, just saw another good Propel commercial. There is one with John Stamos and this one I just saw was a machine like creature running chicago!!
wait, I have the commercial on dvr, not only is it chicago, but a great queen song for running, under pressure!!
Sorry about the flu. Get well soon.
Congrats, Josh and Denise!

Try Apple Cider Vinegar - the unpasteurized, unfiltered variety. I get it at health food stores and mix one oz ACV in a large glass of water. It's really helped me kick colds FAST!
feel better soon!
Thanks, everybody!

Yesterday was hell.   But I'm back at work today and feeling a lot better.
So glad to see you and Firefly made the move in!! How fun! I know I've been totally MIA in blog land...just have had tons of personal issues...I won't be running the shuffle. But I'll be returning to blog land soon. I finally started running again this week. Its been way to long!! Thanks for thinking of me though with the invite. Have a blast this weekend...I hope you are feeling better!
Oh well, nothing like calling in on the last week...see, you guys should've stayed in town to celebrate St. Pat's day!
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