Thursday, March 01, 2007


Signed Up

Tagged by Jeanne, I have registered for the 2007 Chicago Marathon.

My goal:  Avoid injury between now and October 7.

(Oh, that and beat Oprah this year!)

And speaking of goals, this weekend will be my first running event of the year: the Lou Pinella 5K.  Joining me will be Jay, Dana, and Jeanne.  Jeanne wants to run this as a double-5K.  Let's hope the weather permits.  This Saturday's race will be a fun run, so my only goal is to not drink too much beer at the end.

Winter may not be quite over yet, but I've got to get ready for a busy spring and summer of running...

March 3:  Lou Pinella 5K

March 25:  Shamrock Shuffle

April 1:  10 mile loop as pacer/crew for Shea at the Clinton Lake Ultra trail marathon.

April 21:  River to River (with the Buffalo Warriors)

May 5:  Indy Mini half marathon

June 8-9:   Great Midwest Relay (with the Yet-To-Be-Named Team)

I figure if I'm not injured after all that, I should do fine at the Chicago Marathon this year.

See you out on the running path, everybody.  Just as soon as the snow stops..

Yeah, I am sooo excited. Can't wait. I am going to try and talk sister sledge into it!
Baby, you will do great!! Count me in as the biggest cheerleader.
Cool race schedule you have there!

How exciting, you're doing the Chicago marathon! Woo hoo!
WOOHOO! Chicago will be great, I'm sure.

Have fun with your first race of the year--and I say indulge on the beer, after all, it's the first race of the year.

What was Oprah's time anyways??
Oprah's time was 4:35.

We had to cancel the Lou Piniella race today.  Bad weather.

But I did wear my "Lou Piniella 5K" t-shirt out for bloody marys this morning.
Congrats on signing up for Chicago. Go get Oprah.
Watch out Oprah, this year the bald guy is taking you DOWN.

Good luck Josh, and mind yer knees this year!
Lets take her down
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