Thursday, March 08, 2007


Bye Bye Chase!


            Hello US Bank!

After three years with Chase, I'm saying sayonara.

In two weeks I begin work with an IT deliverables group at US Bank.  My title will be Business Technical Analyst III and I'll still get to work in downtown Chicago.  Same early morning hours of work, but it's worth it.  Let's just say that I will be treated much better at the new job.  Much, much better.   :)

So far both myself and Denise have landed jobs we really wanted.  But that's not all!  My friend the psychgeek just got admitted to her first choice grad school program.  AND one of my best friends is about to land a terrific new job... just 1/2 block from my new job!

So there will be much celebrating!!!  A select number of you should be watching your e-mail for invitations to the most elaborate party I have ever thrown.

Thanks to everyone for their encouragement (especially Denise)!

I love you, baby. I am SO proud of you and this new job. I can not wait to move out there in the next week or so. You are SO amazing!!
All the best with the new Job Lunchbox.
Congrats - that's fantastic news!
Awesome! Congrats on the job for both of you.
Congrats. Denise mentioned you had the offer and were working money terms...must've worked out well!! I need some of your guys karma to sell my house, buy the new one and then find new jobs!! Come on...share!!
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Congrats, wishing you the very best on the new gig!!
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Congrats again, Josh, you deserve this and I'm looking forward to seeing photos of your new workplace!
Congratulations! Good luck with your new job.
Congrats!!!!! Best of luck at the new place!
Congrats on the new job! What great news!
Just came across your blog. Love the title and also love the Inactive Blogroll of Terrible Shame!
Congratulations to you both!! Sounds like an all-around upwards move.
Congratulations to you both. Sounds like an all-around upwards move.
That is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations, things are going your way right now!!!!!!!!

GL in your new job:-)
Waaaay to go Josh!!!!!!!!! That is awesome!! I am so happy for you and Denise! :) Celebrate!
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