Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Lou Pinella 5K

Last night Jay and I did a test measure of the Lou Pinella 5K.  The temperature was a glorious 25°F but it was still a good night to run through the residential and industrial sites of Bridgeport.

Distance:  3.1 miles (5K)
Time:  29:04

I met my goal of coming in under 30 minutes, but I was pretty winded from the effort.  I'm going to have to do a lot better in the next 60 days if I want to beat my 8K PR at the Shamrock.

So, my intrepid runners, are you ready to participate in Chicago's most unusual short-distance running event?

The Lou Pinella 5K will take place on Saturday March 3 at 10AM.  This will be a self-timed, unorganized race.  Participants can look forward to:

Think about it.  Then think again, because you'd really be nuts to do this.

Sounds like fun and dude send me the plans to your time machine!
Oh I wish I could be there. I won't be in Chicago until the weekend of the Shamrock Shuffle. Sorry! Great pace!!
Nuts I think is right. See you at the Shuffle
Great time! GL in the Lou Pinella 5k, sounds interesting...!
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